Founding Chairman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor’s message to Habtoorians on the coronavirus and its impact on our lives

As we undergo a challenging period, with the COVID-19 situation evolving every day and affecting all areas of life and business, there has never been a better time to pause and reflect on our work, business and the Habtoorian community.

With the current uncertainty, we at Al Habtoor Group (AHG) are choosing to focus on what’s important, to take this time and invest it positively and productively, work towards minimising its impact on our business by channelling the boldness and resilience that our group was built upon and flourished under.

As a leading business conglomerate with local, regional and global interests, we have temporarily closed our hotels and postponed all our major events. You, our employees are working from home, abiding by the UAE and the major countries’ social distancing rules and preventative measures to combat the virus. Even as you spend more time with your families, I am proud to note that Habtoorians are finding new ways to be innovative and productive in fulfilling their duties from home.

As employees and managers, we also need to use this time wisely and come up with our next project or initiative. History has always shown that times of great turbulence have resulted in the greatest success stories. While AHG has had to take some austerity measures to ensure our sustainability and long run viability, minimising the current situation’s impact on us, this will only ensure the fast recovery of our business after this crisis is over and every Habtoorian’s place in the company.

It is imperative that we improve and regulate our business practices, internal policies, protocols and workflow systems in the interim, learn from COVID-19’s impact and ensure continuity post-sterilisation period to bounce back stronger and smarter. Let us emerge from this experience rejuvenated and prepared to take on the future, reconfirming people’s belief in our company - 50 years young and growing.

We are optimistic about the coming months and the UAE and the world’s ability to collectively tide over this period. Even as we are hit by this unexpected turbulence, we as people and businesses are reaching out, connecting and offering each other support. This is our home, regardless of where we come from. As a country and people, we are caring for and uplifting each other, which will carry us out of this current phase and forward.

Similarly, we will do what is needed and protect AHG and its continuity. Now is the perfect time. This will be behind us sooner than later, and when it passes, we need to be ready and hungry for all the wonderful opportunities that will arise, rock the market with our exemplary offerings and highlight the Habtoorian brand. For our future and those of our families. We cannot wait to welcome you all back at the workplace, united in facing new challenges.

Meanwhile, stay home, stay safe and we will see you soon.

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor